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Who doesn’t enjoy watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and other popular game shows on TV? And who can resist the thrill of seeing a wheel of fortune spinning?

Now you can recreate your favorite TV game shows in the comfort of your own home! 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the casino game show genre or play game shows for real money here.

What Are Live Casino Game Shows?

If you’ve already experienced casino games like blackjack or roulette at live casinos, you’ll find that game shows online are quite similar, except for the fact that they are more unique and, arguably, more exciting.

When you launch a game, you’ll see a live dealer in what looks like a bona fide TV show studio. 

But there’s one big difference.

In this TV show, you’re not a viewer. You’re one of the contestants. And you’re competing for a big jackpot!

What’s more, the dealers hosting the show are more than willing to talk, crack jokes, and interact with you. Just like they would with a contestant on the television screen!

Evolution’s Domain

Evolution Gaming is by far the biggest live gaming software provider.

Tracing its roots to 2006, this Stockholm-based company has been a trailblazing pioneer of this type of entertainment.

While the developer mostly specializes in providing live casino games to premium online casinos, Evolution is no stranger to creating exciting, premium-class live dealer game shows.

While developing these games, Evolution uses the latest available technologies to recreate popular game shows as authentically as possible.

Sweden’s Evolution Gaming offers the biggest selection of live casino game shows on the market. Source: Evolution.

As of May 2021, there are about a dozen Evolution shows currently available for players to try.

They are available for all platforms, from desktop computers (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Chrome OS) to tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, HarmonyOS).

Live Game Show Rules

Live game show rules differ from game to game. In most cases, they are simple enough for you to understand by simply watching a round or two of the game.

But if you want to fully understand all of the rules and intricacies, however, we recommend pressing the help button and reading through the game’s ruleset.

Here’s how a typical live game show experience plays out on Bob Casino:

1. Choose the game. Before you start, you need to decide on what you want to be playing. Bob Casino’s game library has one of the widest selections of live game shows on the market, so you’ll definitely be able to find a game you like.

2. Place a bet. The amount you decide to bet is almost entirely dependent on your own choice. However, all live game shows have their own bet floors and bet ceilings. 

  • Minimum bets. The bet floor is usually set at $0.1 (e.g. in Crazy Time and Dream Catcher). But betting the minimum is usually not the optimal way to play. For example, in Monopoly Live, you should place at least $0.6 to capture all of the sectors and increase your chances of winning. 
  • Maximum bets. The bet ceiling varies greatly from game to game. In Dream Catcher, it is $2,500. The same is true for Monopoly Live. The max bet in Crazy Time is set at a much more modest $1,000. And Deal or No Deal finds itself in the middle with a max bet of $1,800.

3. Watch the game play out.

The rules you need to know to play live casino game shows on Bob Casino.

The size of your potential winnings increase in proportion to your bet size, but the odds stay the same.

So don’t feel pressured to bet more. Place wagers that feel most comfortable to you.

Many live game shows have a feature called Auto Spins. This allows you to speed up the pace of the game.

Like in a slot machine, you will choose a wager size and the number of rounds you want the game to play through automatically. After you make your choice, simply kick back and watch the game play out in front of you. 

But if you prefer to have more control and play yourself, stay vigilant, place bets on each round, and chat with other players. Otherwise, the host may think you’ve gone AFK and throw you out of the game for inactivity.

How to Win in Casino Game Shows

Eager to get the main prize? Then play with strategy, maximize your chances to get free spins, and leave as little as possible to chance. 

Underneath the game show aesthetics, all live game show titles, be it Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher, use similar, government-regulated random number generation technology, which helps ensure that they are fair.

What does this mean for you as a player? It means that seemingly random outcomes of the game will eventually even out. 

So although your winnings during game shows at casinos may differ from playthrough to playthrough, you can reliably increase your chances of winning by understanding the game you are playing and using an optimal strategy.

The Genre of Choice for Twitch Casino Streamers

It’s no secret that game shows are a genre beloved by Twitch casino streamers. And it’s not surprising, either. Live game shows are incredibly visually appealing and exciting to watch. 

Don’t believe us? Watch one of the top casino YouTubers or Twitch streamers play something like Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher. Quite soon, you will be biting your nails in anticipation of the next round.

There are hundreds of talented gambling influencers. Here are just some of the ones that are popular with Bob Casino staff writers:

Monopoly Live is one of the most popular live casino game shows among casino streamers. Source: Evolution Gaming.

5 Best Live Casino Game Shows


A unique spin on the tried and true live roulette game show formula. This game features special lightning numbers. They’re randomly selected every round and give you increased payouts, with multipliers ranging between x50 and x500.

This game itself is based on a European roulette wheel with a single zero.

Wager chips worth between 0.2 and 100 on a particular number to start the round, then kick back and watch the dealer spin the wheel.


Try your luck by spinning the wheel of fortune that is split into a whopping 54 sectors. Each segment has its own multiplier that can be as high as x40. 

To increase your chances of winning, spread your bet across different low-paying sectors or place bets on the segments with the highest multipliers.

The second option is riskier, but your prize will more than cover your losses if you get lucky.


Crazy Time is yet another wheel of fortune game. What makes the game unique are its bonus chance segments with mini-games that offer you to collect prizes of high value.

For example, in Cash Hunt, you need to memorize multipliers and reach the biggest one after they are hidden. 

Coin Flip is a heads or tails game. Choose the right side to access the highest multiplier. Didn’t get lucky on your first flip? Try again in the Rescue Flip round. 


Did you love the classic game of Deal or No Deal on TV? Then you’ll love this live game show adaptation!

During the round, choose one of the 16 briefcases with different numbers.

The more boxes you open, the higher your risks. The multipliers also increase starting with x0.1 and can reach a whopping x500.


Despite the name, the Monopoly game show isn’t the same as the board game.

In fact, the game show is even more joyful and upbeat than the original! The wheel of fortune has 48 sectors with multipliers from x1 to x10. On top of these, there are 6 other sectors that offer you extra bonuses. 

And the game becomes only more exciting when you get to the 2 or 4 Roll segments. In these, you’re redirected to the board game with Mr. Monopoly. 

The highest multiplier is x11, and you’ll be able to double it by passing the Go field. But prepare that your winnings will be reduced if Mr. Monopoly lands on the Tax square. 

Other Game Show Games

On top of this, Evolution offers several other gaming shows, such as:

  • Live Football Studio for sports lovers.
  • Lightning Dice where your winnings depend on the rolls of 3 dice.
  • Mega Ball that combines a lottery with bingo.

So don’t wait and experience the job of live game shows today!


  • How to play live casino game shows?


    Playing live casino game shows is no different from playing other types of live casino games. Choose the game, place your bets, and wait for the results.

  • Are there any free demo versions of game shows online?


    No, unfortunately, you cannot play game show games for free. If you want to see what live game shows are like without wagering any money, we recommend you watch a video in which a live casino streamer plays them.

  • Is there a bonus for game shows on Bob Casino?


     No, bonuses cannot be used for live game shows.

  • Is there a betting strategy for casino game shows?


    The same general rules and strategies apply to casino game shows as apply to other types of casino games.

  • What providers offer live dealer game shows?


    Evolution Gaming and Ezugi are the leading providers in the industry. If you play game shows online by these developers, you’ll get both high quality and fun.

  • Are game shows like Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher rigged?


    No, live dealer game shows are completely fair. All games are regulated by government authorities.

  • How does live chat in such games work?


    The dealer will see the message you type instantly and answer it. In general, it is considered good etiquette to try and keep your messages on the topic of the gameplay.

  • Do live dealers interact with the players when hosting the show?


    Yes, they will answer your questions, and even laugh, joke, and entertain you to make your experience more fun.

  • Can I be banned from playing live dealer shows?


    You can only be banned for cheating or harassing the dealer or other players.

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Live Casino Game Shows Guide: Best Games, How to Play & More

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