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Panel description: Operators are constantly striving to remain ahead of the competition by attempting to gather as much player data as possible. This can be a complex process, requiring several facets of a marketing strategy to be pooled together. We’ve assembled a panel of marketing technology experts to discuss the challenges in bringing this information together and how a fully-rounded strategy can be implemented.


  • On the question of the debate between in-house and outsourced marketing

Allan Petrilli: “The iGaming industry is historically built on third-party relationships and integrations”

Alex Kornilov: “Outsourcing marketing technology is the only way – the DIY way in a company doesn’t work, it is not scalable”.


  • On the trend in personalization and how they help the clients:
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Eberhard Dürrschmid: “Data speed and sources, the demand for real-time feedback loops and the ability to create different user journey’s per the client’s demands. Personalization is key – if your product doesn’t respond to the player, you will drive users away”.

Alex Kornilov: “Personalization is complex – starts from the Acquisition and retention stages, and spans to predictive Analytics”.

Allan Petrilli: “There’s a lot more in personalization than personalizing an ad – it’s about the whole user journey and experience!”


  • On the extent operators need to extend their outsourcing when entering the market in order to understand the customer base:

Eberhard Dürrschmid: “Operators need to know the core value of their product first, know what their product is about and identify points for improvement in order to utilize outsourcing”.

Allan Petrilli: “You need to understand what kind of data works better for you in order to identify user behavior, and then try to collect as much data as possible from your third-party relationship”.

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Alex Kornilov: “The essence of wagering is pretty straightforward – money. Know your core product first, and then extend your outsourcing accordingly”.


  • On the value of gathering user data in other industries beyond Gaming:

 Alex Kornilov: “Sports betting and casinos are the hardest industry in personalization, because of the enormous depth of data.


  • On how challenging can it be for operators to put together all the data understand their players

Eberhard Dürrschmid: “Operators need a new type of organizational structure on top of the infrastructure, in order to get new information from various sources”.

Alex Kornilov: “There is no secret sauce – it is a matter of hard work. The biggest challenge is communication between stakeholders”

Allan Petrilli: “Whether you’re a small or large company you need to have a main Point of Contact with vendors, someone who understands integration demands”.


“Operators throughout industries need to learn how to actually utilize third-party services properly”


  • On Future development of data

Alex Kornilov:“Data is the new oil and it’s the only way to get ahead in the future! You need to fight for percentage and the only way to go forward is data driven decisions”.

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