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JCM Global has converted more than 400 slots at Desert Diamond Casino Sahuarita in the US state of Arizona to its iVIZION bill validator from a competitive product.

The casino’s other 163 games are already equipped with iVIZION, so this new installation means iVIZION is now exclusively found on all the casino’s slot games.

Additionally, JCM installed its leading ICB Intelligent Cash Box system on each of the casinos slot games, which will dramatically improve the casino’s drop process.

Desert Diamond Casino Sahuarita is the latest Desert Diamond Casinos and Entertainment property to deploy JCM’s iVIZION, further strengthening the relationship between the companies.

The conversion also includes preventive maintenance after the installation from JCM’s dedicated service team to ensure the bill validators continue to run smoothly.

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“We’re excited to expand our partnership with JCM Global and implement their state-of-the-art iVIZION bill validator and ICB system across all the gaming devices at our Sahuarita location,” said James O’Kimosh, southern Arizona slot director for the Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise.

“At Desert Diamond Casinos we are committed to providing the highest quality guest experience and JCM’s fast, secure technology helps us continue to deliver on that promise.”

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