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Collections decreased in all of the Italian casinos in November, it has been revealed.

The three casinos, says media company all suffered, but Saint Vincent (pictured) ran out best with revenue of €4.975m, down 2.97 per cent than the previous year. However, it is pointed out that the 2018 figures were up no less than 33.24 per cent, so the downfall is not too heavy.

Visits were 28,428, up 5.53 per cent, illustrating greater footfall but suggesting less spend. The table games were down 14.47 per cent and slots were up 6.9 per cent at €2.951m. Revenue for the 11 months was up 6.58 per cent at €55.32m, leading to hopes for a positive full year.

At San Remo revenue was €2.89m, down 3.47 per cent. Footfall was about the same at 10,904 visits. Slots were down 5.47 per cent at €2.201m. Of the table games French roulette was down 55.22 per cent in turnover, somewhat countered by Fairoulette’s increase by 42.4 per cent. As for the other table games, poker was up through tournaments, blackjack was up and punto banco also showed an increase.

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For the year to date, San Remo reached €40.587m, up 4.96 per cent, again hoping for a positive outcome to the full year.

The Casino di Venezia turned over €7.105m, down 14.4 per cent. This was affected by the high water that impacted the city in the middle of November. Slots were down 6.4 per cent to €4.109m and of the live tables Fairoulette fell 24.3 per cent to €0.956m. Blackjack revenues were also down. Chemin was up 6.8 per cent, poker by 25.1 per cent and punto banco an excellent 51.58 per cent.

In annual terms for the 11 months the casino in Venice was down 5.93 per cent.

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