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Do you love the idea of being able to earn a living by gambling? You’re not alone. This is a coveted profession. Many people would love to become a pro gambler, but they don’t have what it takes to succeed. Becoming a professional gambler requires a certain amount of perseverance and tenacity that the average player might not have. It’s not as simple as sitting down and playing some casino games a few times per week. But if you have what it takes, you can unlock a whole world of opportunities. Read on to find out what the advantages and disadvantages of being a pro gambler are and decide if this career path is for you.

Advantages of Being a Professional Gambler

1. Be Your Own Boss

When your own boss, you get to decide your own schedule. Do you want to sleep in until noon and work late at night? That’s your prerogative. Tired of your boss breathing down your neck? You won’t have to worry about that anymore. Professional gamblers get the awesome perk of being able to control when they enter a casino or log in for an online gambling session. 

2. Unlimited Earning Potential

When it comes to gambling income, the sky is the limit. You aren’t restricted to a hourly wage or an annual salary. While you aren’t guaranteed to make a certain amount of money, you also don’t have limits placed upon you. Some gamblers have even worked their way towards becoming millionaires. 

3. VIP Perks

Casinos salivate over pro gamblers, offering up all sorts of perks in hope that the gambler will choose to check out their venue. Whether it be complimentary stays at top-notch hotel suites, free food and drinks, or access to private lounges, professional gamblers are valued and pampered during luxurious casino junkets.

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4. Bragging Rights

Professional gambling is a unique career choice, and not one that a lot of people have the patience or the drive to pull off. When you tell acquaintances about your job, they will most likely be curious and want to know more. They might pepper you with questions, wondering how to make money in gambling. If you enjoy being the centre of attention, you’ll enjoy these bragging rights.

5. Travel the World

Major gambling events and tournaments are held all over the world. If you’re a gambler worth your salt, you might land an invite to these events. Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to jetset across the globe to play poker?

Disadvantages of Being a Professional Gambler


While you can eventually build up a huge bankroll that lets you take huge hits, the beginning stages of professional gambling can be rough. One unlucky day might be bearable, but several? That could be enough to discourage you from pursuing gambling as a career. Especially if it’s as dramatic as the case of Archie Karas, who lost his $40-million-run:

2. Privacy

One of the aforementioned advantages of being a pro gambler was bragging rights. We mentioned how you will likely be the center of attention of events, with friends asking questions about how professional gamblers make money. If you’re an introverted person, this could actually be a huge downside to the career. Think about it for a moment. Would you be comfortable constantly answering questions about your career? Would you be okay with having to explain that what you do is actually work, not just playing fun games? If the thought of that terrifies you, then being a pro gambler might not be your ideal career choice. 

3. No Friendships With Coworkers

Professional gamblers don’t have coworkers, thus limiting their ability to create meaningful work relationships. While they may become familiar with casino employees, a betting venue is not conducive to forming friendships. When a pro gambler’s income is tied so strongly to their focus and performance, they can’t afford to be distracted.

Professional Gambling Advice

Now that you know the high and low points of pursuing gambling as a career, we have some advice for you on how to become a professional gambler

  • Maintain Calmness. Downswings are inevitable, regardless of whether you play randomized slot machine games or skill-based card games. Keeping a cool head, regardless of the circumstances, is essential to making rational decisions. 
  • Don’t Use Luck as a Crutch. It is extremely unlikely that you will be able to become a professional gambler by relying on luck alone. You need to strategize and learn about how to optimize your returns for every single game you play. Study them until you know the best move to make in every scenario!
  • Keep a Bankroll. It’s a wise idea to move money from your bank account into a separate gambling fund. This prevents things from getting out of hand, and it also helps you keep track of exactly how much money you are gaining and losing each week.  


Being a pro gambler isn’t as glamorous as it appears at first glance. While it can help you escape the 9-5 grind while still earning a lucrative income, it comes at the cost of income stability, privacy, and work relationships. As with any other kind of profession, a gambling career is not for everyone.

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