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Interblock, a market leader in electronic table games, has announced the installation of its first Universal Cabinet within Holland Casino, the Netherlands’ only official casino group.

The Universal Cabinet product portfolio will become available at Holland Casino’s newest gaming venue, Holland Casino Venlo, this month.

The product is Interblock’s latest line-up of innovative hardware, a breakthrough form factor that has created a gaming revolution and more recently been accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UC suite of games represents a new and unique segment of ETGs designed with players and operators in mind. The UC provides casino operators with a variety of game options, including craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and sic bo, in a solitary environment and in a smaller footprint.

“The pilot project of Universal Cabinet in Holland Casino Venlo is the first such project in Holland as well as in the region,” commented Klemen Sitar, regional sales manager at Interblock Europe. “Holland Casino Utrecht project is to follow soon. 

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“Our collaborative partnership has produced a strategic game mix. We are thrilled and have high expectations for this installation. We strive to add additional, new games to this premium product set-up in the near future.”

Jelle van Battum, product manager slots at Holland Casino, added: “We expect the new Interblock Universal Cabinet and the range of games to become a great success in our casinos.

“Holland Casino will be offering the different games catering for both experienced players as well as new players who like to learn to play the classic table games in a new way. We think the new cabinet and the look and feel of the Universal range has an added value to our floors.”

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