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7.05.2020, 14:42

Singular and Incentive Games have recently struck a deal to join forces. This deal will allow Singular to enrich and improve its catalog of games through the Incentive Games portfolio, which includes multi-league, multi-sport, and white-label services. The white-label concept involves one company manufacturing products or services and the use of those products or services by another company under their own brand. Incentive Games is known in the industry as one of the largest suppliers of premium content, a leader in gamification, and a producer of high-end software.

This deal is mutually beneficial for Singular and Incentive Games. For example, Singular plans to provide its fans with an impeccable, first-class gaming experience. It will use personalized gameplay and a variety of gaming content to do so. Singular will enhance its offerings for users with Incentive Games’ tools, their STAR (Free-to-Play Sports Tools for Acquisition and Retention), and Paid-to-Play Virtual Sports features. In this way, Singular will expand its range and tools to attract and retain players, and Incentive Games products will have another great application.

Before striking this deal, Singular was already poised for success. The new partnership simply enhances the potential that was already there. Singular’s range has always been bright and detailed, and their games have a realistic and user-friendly design. Everything from Singular is easy-to-use, fast loading, and combined with powerful software. Nevertheless, the company still strives for perfection and therefore complements its range with high-quality game content from the world’s leading content providers. Thus, the deal with Incentive Games will be a great push up for Singular Platform.

The Commercial Director of Singular, Robert Dowling, and CEO of Incentive Games, John Gordon, commented on this deal. According to Dowling, Singular is incredibly happy to make its games more accessible for Tier 1 customers. Dowling is confident that the Incentive Games product range will help his company further expand its choice of premium gaming content. In addition, Singular’s Commercial Director mentioned that this deal might help the company increase revenue by increasing the number of LTV players.

John Gordon, in turn, also enjoys working with Singular Platform. He believes that the integration of Incentive Games products will help Singular expand its existing portfolio and win many more new players.

This deal is not the only achievement of the Singular Platform in recent times. In November, the company implemented and released its «4th generations» platform of games on sports. This allowed Singular to make its work with clients more efficient and, at the same time, to actively participate in the in-play environment.

Singular’s sportsbook platform, is built on a modular architecture that leverages big data and AI frameworks. This makes it easier for consumers to implement «customizable player journeys,” which allow for the greater involvement of players.

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Incentive Games Has Struck a Deal With Singular

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