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The IGT Galaxis and System2Go casino central management systems have been licensed exclusively to Modulus.

The deal was concluded last week by the IGT subsidiaries IGT Europe, IGT Austria and IGT Germany Gaming and became effective last Friday.

It permits Modulus to distribute the systems and IGT’s existing inventory of related legacy hardware to its customers in all territories except North America. Modulus will also be able to develop source code for the products and offer maintenance services.

The two systems have been established  on the gaming floors of international customers, said Willy de Bruyn, president of Modulus, a Luxembourg-based company.

“Galaxis’ range of flexible modules integrates with System2Go, an affordable and scalable CMS suited to single and multi-site gaming venues that does not require a significant IT infrastructure investment and extensive training to operate.”

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Exclusively licensing the products to one company eliminates duplicating the resources required for IGT to manage multiple sets of CMS products, said Mark MacCombie, IGT vice president sales and operations EMEA.

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