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IGT has announced that one of Greece’s premier casinos, Regency Casino Thessaloniki, recently deployed the IGT Advantage casino management system and a suite of compatible IGT bonusing, content and convenience systems modules.

This pivotal deployment marks the first go-live of the company’s award-winning IGT Advantag CMS in Greece and the second IGT Advantage installation in Europe.

“Deploying IGT Advantage at Regency Casino Thessaloniki positions us to drive efficiencies and elevate the level of personalisation, service and entertainment that we can offer Regency Club members,” said Ian Gosling, Regency Entertainment Group COO.

“IGT has been a trusted Regency Entertainment Group supplier for decades and by leveraging their sophisticated and scalable CMS, Regency Casino Thessaloniki can continue our legacy of prioritising future-forward technologies that drive performance and keep us on the leading edge of casino entertainment.”

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“Regency Casino Thessaloniki will benefit from IGT Advantage’s capacity to capture robust business analytics and can leverage those insights to optimise their gaming floor and create loyalty-driving bonuses, rewards and promotions,” said Mark MacCombie, IGT senior vice president sales, EMEA.

“Greece is an important market to IGT and extending our IGT Advantage footprint to this region with a well-respected operator such as Regency Entertainment Group is a significant accomplishment for IGT and one that validates the relevance of the system for our customers in EMEA and beyond.”

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