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A report by the International Association of Gaming Regulators reveals that tackling problem gambling, consumer protection and gambling-related crime remain key challenges for gambling regulators across the world.

Birgitte Sand, chair of the IAGR Statistics Sub-committee, says the report, which is broken into two parts, a markets report and a themes report, provides fascinating analysis on the global approach to gambling regulation.

“The themes report explores responsible gambling, gambling-related crime and, new for this year, regulatory cooperation,” she explained.

“The most pressing challenges for regulators were regulatory developments in other jurisdictions, cross-border marketing of online gambling, betting on esport, social gaming and gambling with crypto currencies.

“The market report explores the regulation of gambling markets, our regulatory powers and the issues we are especially focused on.

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“It’s an excellent resource for understanding which markets are permitted, licence models, sales channels, age restrictions for participation across jurisdictions, who benefits from gambling revenues and whether foreign involvement is allowed in domestic markets,” said Sand.

IAGR president Paul Newson said the results highlight common issues and challenges as well as some differences in the policy settings and focus of regulators.

“This is a tremendous tool to promote greater information sharing and collaboration around policy development and industry supervision where we exercise similar functions and confront common issues and challenges.

“Through increased collaboration across jurisdictions we can advance efficient and effective gambling regulation and inform a collective focus and priority where the risks are greatest.”

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