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In the online gambling industry, game developers have become very creative, and new additions to slot games make gameplay even more exciting. Nowadays, you’re almost guaranteed to open a game and spot luck-enhancing wild symbols.

This article will explain how wild symbols in online slots can change a bad game day into a lucky one. By the end, you will learn all about different kinds of wilds and how they affect winning combinations.

What Is a Wild Symbol?

Wild symbols in slots can substitute for other symbols in the game. They stand for any paying symbol, with the exception of bonus symbols and scatters. You can find them in classic single reels slots, video slots, and even in progressive jackpot slots. 

There is no way for gamblers to predict when the next wild symbol is due. They simply appear on the reel at random times. But there’s never a time when seeing one on the reels isn’t a positive for you. In any game, they have some value and add excitement to your gaming experience.

There are many varieties of online slots, and, naturally, they set their own rules for how wilds will work. In most cases, wilds represent the highest valued symbol. But there are many subtleties that you should check before playing.

Different Types of Wilds 

Slot machines come in many varieties, and so do the wild symbols that are featured in them. Wilds can bring different kinds of additional winnings, sometimes accompanied by exciting visual effects. Here are other common types of wilds and how they are used:

  • Sticky wild: This kind remains on the screen even after consecutive winning spins. It stays as long as you keep winning from it, and it can help you build up large returns. These often activate free spins, and if you get more sticky wilds, you get more free spins.
  • Expanding wild symbol: Where this one differs is that the expanding symbol will not remain still like basic wilds. They will expand and take over the reels. Since these symbols end up occupying a large area, they can be very beneficial.
  • Walking wild symbol: This wild will “walk” across one place to the left or right as re-spins continue. They will move in the same direction until they form a winning combination or disappear off the reel.
  • Wild multiplier: These will increase each win they create. The higher the multiplier values that are attached to these wilds, the bigger prizes they will help generate. 
  • Trailing wild symbol: This kind of wild creates a clone and leaves it on the spot where it initially landed. With each subsequent spin, one of the symbols moves one position further down on the reel, thus, leaving a trail.

Of course, these are not all the types of wild behaviour that appear in online slots. The more games you try, the more symbols you will come across. Plus, there are always new games coming out that may include symbols you’ve never heard of before.

Why Do Developers Include Wild Symbols?

Some wilds bring significant benefits to the player, and they are known to form combinations that provide wins galore. But why would a casino offer such generous bonuses and prizes for slot games? The reason is to make the game more interesting and more captivating. 

There are new slots added on a regular basis, and these games need to offer something unique. One way of doing that is including wilds and bonuses that keep players on their toes. So, casinos want to provide you with the best experience possible. 


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What Else Should I Know About Wild Symbols?

If you’d like to win a massive payout with real money, we have a tip for you. Before you head on to play a slot you haven’t tried before in your online casino, take time to read through the paytable. It hardly requires any effort, but you can learn valuable information about the gameplay. For instance, it should specify the highest and the lowest paying symbols. 

Gambling games are similar in how they operate, but you never know when there will be special conditions. Games have specific configurations that regulate what symbols appear and how, what function they serve, the number of paylines you are allowed to wager on, etc.

If you check this information in advance, there will be no disappointment if your expectations fall through. Instead, you will know how to make the most out of the given situation and what prizes you can look forward to.

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