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Gambling may seem like an innocent way to have fun, which makes many punters unaware of its potential dangers. Sure, you can win some money, or at least have a good time while on vacation, but how to keep gambling in control and make it remain just harmless fun?

The number of problem gamblers is growing predominantly because people see gambling as a reliable source of income or a way out of financial debt. Still, players who think about how and why they gamble do so for decades and never become problem gamblers. Here are some tips that will help you stay on the right track.


Gambling is not a Job

Many players think that just because Doyle Brunson built a fortune on poker, they can do so as well. Before you start thinking of yourself as the next Texas Dolly, remember there is only one Brunson, but there are thousands of players who gambled away their money.

Gambling is not, and should never be considered the primary source of income or investment. All responsible gamblers keep in mind how slots, roulette, and poker are nothing more than a good way to have some fun. If they win – great, and if not – they hope they’ll be luckier next time.


Gamble What You Can Afford To Lose

Before you visit your favorite casino venue or online casino, make sure to have your budget done right. Cover all your living needs first, make sure to pay your tuition, bills, utility bills, or whatever expenses you may have, and only then turn to Lady Luck and gamble the night away. When you gamble, remain focused, and have a set budget that won’t affect your lifestyle or your financial plan. In most cases, if you feel uncomfortable about losing that much money – you should decrease the budget predetermined for gambling activities.

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Don’t Chase Losses

What is the best way to spend money in a casino? Well, to chase your losses, of course! This bad habit is more common among men than women. It seems that men simply can’t find peace with the fact they have lost, so they spend more and more money trying to catch up.

If you are on a losing streak, maybe it’s about time to leave or shut down your computer. Don’t feel compelled to compensate for your bad moves in a single day. Rather go home, and do something else, only to come back tomorrow or after two days. After all, the morning is wiser than the evening.


Limit the Playtime

This tip is important for everyone, no matter what game you enjoy. But, the game of poker in a casino will usually last for at least a few hours, and time flies when you spin the reels on your favorite slot. Also, in poker, for example, you get chips and have to wait for your turn, while when you are playing slots, you are the one who determines the dynamic and gets lost in an exciting adventure, fun characters, and flashy graphics surrounded by catchy tunes.

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According to experts from, most reputable online casinos will offer you a special feature where you can determine how much time you want to spend playing. Once the time is out, you will be blocked from accessing any games, and you can adjust the time only the next day. If you are in a traditional venue and want to spin some slots, you will soon figure out how there are no clocks to help you track time. Still, you can easily set a timer on your mobile phone or just wear a wristwatch to know how long you have been playing.


Keep a Gambling Diary

For many, this advice might seem funny as diaries are something we usually relate to angsty teens. Keep in mind you can use an Excel sheet, a notebook, or simply track everything in a memo app on your phone.

Write down how much you deposited, how many hands or sins you played, how much money you spend, and how much you have won. This will help you see a broader picture and detect concerning habits like overspending and chasing the losses. You can also write down how you felt that day, and what major events happened, to help you figure out whether certain emotional states affect your gambling moves.

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Avoid High-Risk Situations

If you are aware that you don’t have as much self-control as you would like, make sure to avoid situations that cause you to act irresponsibly. Maybe you risk out of boredom, or because you had one drink too many, got a raise or a bonus, or because your friend is teasing you that you are a sheep at the poker table. Avoid such situations and keep cool at all costs, as only so can you avoid developing a gambling addiction.



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