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The online poker world is heading toward a naturally busy period thanks, in part, to the $75 million guaranteed PokerStars Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) running from May 5 to May 29. With so many events to choose from, poker players will be looking to buy and sell action for the PokerStars SCOOP, with many choosing StakeKings as the platform for doing so.

Staking, that is, buying and selling a poker player’s action, has been around for as long as the game has. Most staking deals go smoothly: someone buys some action, the player cashes in the tournament, and hands over the backer’s share of the winnings. However, the poker world is full of stories of people reneging on deals and not returning the backer’s share promptly or at all, which is where StakeKings comes into its own.

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StakeKings acts as an intermediary for backers and sellers, providing an easy-to-use online platform enabling investors to buy pieces of players’ action from as little as 1%. When the seller competes and wins some prize money, StakeKings proportionally distributes profits to investors based on their stake percentage, guaranteeing everyone gets paid and receives their winnings in a timely manner. There’s no more stress from wondering when or if you will get paid, StakeKings takes care of everything for you.

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Lukas “RobinPoker” Robinson Explains How to Buy and Sell Action at StakeKings

PokerNews‘ very own Lukas “RobinPoker” Robinson is gearing up for a busy 2024 SCOOP, and has started using StakeKings to buy and sell action hassle-free. Here is Robinson with a short video explaining how easy it is to join StakeKings, buy some of his or other pros’ action, and get your hands on any winnings.

Robinson is just one of many seasoned professional poker players who frequent StakeKings. Be sure to follow Robinson on StakeKings because he will be selling action with no markup in the coming weeks and months.

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Which Poker Pros Can You Back at StakeKings?

Anyone who plays live and online poker and who has created a free StakeKings account can get in on the action. Dozens of big names regularly sell pieces of single tournaments or all-encompassing packages, including for SCOOP and the WSOP. The list of players is huge and changes all the time as players from far and wide buy and sell packages. If you head to the StakeKings Market Place, you can search by event name or type, by player name, the markup they are charging, the buy-in of the tournaments or packages, and by various tags.

Best of all, if you discover a player you’d love a piece of does not currently have any packages, you can click the follow button, turn on notifications, and receive a message as soon as that player puts together a package!

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Are There Any StakeKings Promotions for PokerNews Readers During SCOOP?

StakeKings has a trio of fantastic promotions for PokerNews readers to enjoy throughout the $75 million guaranteed SCOOP.

First, if you decide to sell action for any SCOOP event on StakeKings and you go onto bubble that tournament, StakeKings will grant you a “bubble bonus” for any event that you sell at least 10% for. For example, if you sell 25% to a $1,050 event at no markup, you will receive $262.50 for selling action. If you then bubbled that event, you’d receive a $262.50 bonus directly into your account. Be sure to fill out this form to be eligible for this incredible promotion. is running a May Leaderboard Challenge for any player who sells any action during May, even if they only sell 1%! Points are awarded for total cashes and for total payouts to backers. Be one of the leaderboard’s winners and you’ll receive:

  • Winners will be featured on the home page throughout June.
  • A VIP invite to join the StakeKings team in Las Vegas for several events during the 2024 World Series of Poker.
  • Premier partnership with StakeKings, which means no fees to sell action plus the ability to earn referral bonuses.
  • Increased media visibility thanks to StakeKings and PokerNews closely following the action all month long.
  • StakeKings merch given out at the 2024 WSOP.
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Lastly, for now at least, there is a first time seller bonus of $10 for every 1,000 leaderboard points you earn during May. Finish in the top 25 of May’s leaderboard, and StakeKings will award you with a $10 bonus for every 1,000 points you earn this month.

Sign Up For a Free StakeKings Account Today

Want to buy pieces of your favorite player or sell some action to free up funds for your bankroll? Whatever the case, you should use StakeKings. Head to StakeKings, create your free account, and use the referral code “PokerNews” to ensure you are eligible for any PokerNews-specific promotions and to get a little extra love on PokerNews and StakeKings pages! Good luck.

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