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Most of the European gaming machine market is keenly anticipating the possibility of Ukraine reopening, 10 years after it was closed down.

It is hoped that a bill will pass through the Ukraine parliament on December 1, enabling the resurrection of the industry some time in 2020. It would probably take the form of licensed slots “arcades” – effectively, casinos without live tables that are familiar in eastern Europe.

According to the speculation within the industry, there may be as many as 160 licences awarded and a total of around 40,000 machines entering the market. It would help the economic prospects of the country and remove from the market as many as 60,000 illegal machines.

The licensed and unlicensed online gaming market continues to dominate in Ukraine and regulations will probably be tightened up on this sector in any fresh legislation. There is a state-controlled lottery and a range of legalised sports betting outlets.

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