Gauselmann ‘jubilees’ clock up over 7,000 years

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Employees with a total of 7,325 years of service between them are honoured this year by the Gauselmann Group.

The big German manufacturer-operator is celebrating 433 staff-members with at least 10 years of service with the company. Of those, 45 have been with the group for 25 years, 60 for 30 years, 35 for 40 years and two with 45 years.

The jubilee employees represent a record number for the company going into a new year.

In a statement congratulating the honourees, Paul Gauselmann noted the problems with 2020: “We will overcome this difficult phase and then build on the successful times before the pandemic.

“We will come through this bottom of the valley together and keep the company on the orad to success together, because it was only thanks to the enthusiasm and drive of my employees that we were able to be so economically successful before the lockdown that we can now benefit from this cushion in difficult times.”

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