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A 7,000sq.m administration building for the Gauselmann Group was the subject of an opening ceremony at Espelkamp, Germany, on Tuesday of this week.

There will be 300 members of staff in the €14.5m building which is located in Merkur-Allee, the factory complex used by the slot machine manufacturer and operator.

It is the largest and most expensive administration building in the group. CEO Paul Gauselmann said: “As you can see today, the fact that we decided to build despite the pandemic has proved to be the right thing to do. Two years ago, it was a big step to decide to build, given the circumstances.”

Representatives of the companies involved in the construction, local politicians, the town’s mayor and the top executives of the company were on hand for the opening.

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In the photograph, Paul Gauselmann and his wife Karin welcomed Daniela Beihl, Oliver Vogt, Achim Post, Ernst-Wilhelm Rahe and Bianca Winkelmann, all from different political parties, the Mayor Henning Vieker, the building contractor Frank Kögel and also in the picture is Gauselmann Group technical manager for real estate, Lars Reichel.

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