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A stand covering nearly 2,000sq.m housing seven companies in the Gauselmann Group dominated the North Hall at ExCeL last week from Tuesday to Thursday for ICE London, the world’s largest gaming show.

Company founder Paul Gauselmann visited the show on its second day to see for himself the progress of the company – and of the industry in the past year. Jurgen Stuhmeyer, CEO of Merkur, said: “This year we restructured our booth and gained a little more space for the presentation of our products. It was worth it. More people than ever before visited us and were impressed by the variety and quality of our products.”

For Merkur Gaming, ICE is the most important show of the year and was an ideal launch pad for the new multigame Max and Allegro Trio cabinets with more than 20 all-new games, plus a new and innovative jackpot, Treasure Link. Five specially developed games each have an individual bonus feature that offers a chance to players to win different levels of jackpot.

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Said Athanasios Isaakidis, chief executive international at Merkur Gaming: “Even the most innovative cabinet loses its lustre when the content is not convincing. Every day we work had on developing new and interesting games and our efforts this year were rewarded by an overwhelming response by visitors.”

The new equipment for the German market was presented by adp Gauselmann, including the M-Box Max with two 31.5ins screens and five exclusive games. And cash handling expert GeWeTe also got in on the act with new products, notably the Cash Centre Deluxe offering currency exchange.

The group’s British and Spanish companies, Blueprint and Dosniha, were also there with product and the online gaming platform provider Edict also had a display.

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