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Boredom during the pandemic is thought to have been behind a rise in gambling in the UK, reports national newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

In yesterday’s edition, the newspaper quoted the Gambling Commission on the return of Premier League football in June and the reopening of betting shops for the rise.

Bookmakers’ net profits had soared in some sectors while on real events sports betting had risen 15 per cent between March and September. The number of bets placed on self-service terminals rose by nearly 25 per cent from August, representing a 69 per cent rise in net profits for operators.

It said that 45 per cent of players said that they bet more because they had more time on their hands. A survey also showed that 39 per cent said boredom was a major reason and 32 per cent said that betting was something that they could still do while other occupations had been limited by the pandemic.

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