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Future Gaming has reported that, in the three days of ICE London, the company had more than 40 visitors that it is following up on.

“Around half of them were previously unknown and the reason we met was our presence at the show as well as great references from our existing customers,” said the company’s Dejan Tomic (left in the picture).

“Some of our new leads were from North America and we have good reason to believe that we will expand to that market this year.

“Of the previously known customers most of them were interested in upgrading the existing system form accounting, jackpot and TITO to include player tracking and cashless, which shows us a trend where operators are beginning to be aware of the value systems will introduce to their operation.

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“Customers that follow our development have seen serious progress in the past two years since the last exhibition and confirmed their confidence in continuing to use of our products. 

“Live discussions with recurrent and new customers are always giving birth to new ideas and so as well this event will shape and focus our development strategies to follow trends and innovations. All in all, it was more than worth the trip as orders have started to come following the exhibition.”

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