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R Franco, the Spanish AWP manufacturer, is losing 25 per cent of its workforce, after a decision taken by its management.

The Madrid-based manufacturer and distributor is employing the Spanish ERE (Expediente de Regulación de Empleo – Employment Reduction Procedure), under which those laid off receive a compensation based on the respective years of service and a government subsidy for 18 months.

The move is a serious resizing of the company workforce blamed by the company upon the sector being subjected “to unfair and unprecedented regulatory, political, social and media pressure.”

RF said the pandemic along with these factors has forced it to adopt “this tough decision.” One hundred of its 400 members of staff will lose their jobs.

In its statement, Maria Jose Gallardo Herreros, vice president of the company, said: “We want to convey a message of confidence regarding our future. Despite this touch decision, which, I insist, we have been forced to assume, the company wants to move forward, based on its values: experience, innovation and commitment and basing its strategy on a clear commitment to the digitisation of its activity and internationalisation of the face-to-face gaming area with a special focus on Latin America and Europe.”

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