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Company is looking to bring esports betting up to speed with traditional sports, offering 5x the amount of in-play esports markets you see today

PandaScore is announcing the launch of their esports odds product for bookmakers worldwide. Their esports data is already used by top professional teams, media companies, startups, and bookmakers; all over the world. PandaScore is now launching a dedicated solution for bookmakers so they can finally offer the live betting experience that esports fans have been waiting for. Thanks to their AI, data collection and odds modeling is fast enough to offer live betting. Now any bookmaker can instantly power up its coverage with a up to five times the number of in-play markets.

Serving a betting product for esports fans is demanding, gamers expect a quality live experience. Today most esports odds providers use manual data collection & trading methods which means in-play betting in esports is either inconsistent, unavailable, or experiencing a huge amount of downtime. Esports fans are ready to bet but often can’t because the markets are either suspended or don’t exist in the first place which means bookmakers are leaving money on the table.

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PandaScore provides a one stop shop for esport betting from fixtures, to prematch & in-play odds, live statistics, and embeddable widgets. A simple integration will allow bookmakers to power-up their esports offering with more markets, more consistency, and custom markets tailored to esports bettors. The proprietary AI collects data from video sources and transforms it into odds in a fraction of a second. The approach combines technology with an expert esports trading team monitoring odds and automating settlements.

PandaScore provides the deepest in-play odds in the market for League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League in the market, and 2-3 more esports on the way.

Industry leaders like Parimatch’s CEO, Sergey Portnov, see the potential for esports to overtake traditional sports. “Now, it’s in the top six sports and is 5% of our turnover. I believe next year it could be 8%. In five years, it could easily be 20%… Today, youngsters prefer esports to football. So, in 10 years’ time, it has a chance to beat football.”

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Esports fans want to bet, same as traditional sports fans. Skins gambling at its peak was expected to reach $7.4 billion in wagers 2016 alone. It’s not hard to see projections of esports betting reaching $12.9 billion by the end of 2020 from Eilers & Krejcik, as a very real possibility if the industry continues to improve.

Bookmakers that take esports seriously, will get serious returns and it’s only the beginning, esports will continue to experience massive growth.

“Esports is the next big thing in entertainment. We believe esports betting is already big but untapped by most bookmakers,” said Flavien Guillocheau, CEO of PandaScore. “We are here to make it easy to have a world-class offering on day one. If you want to reach esports fans you need to work with esports specialists that understand esports competitions, data, and odds. We’re ready to help you speed ahead of the competition.”

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PandaScore offers a market leading solution at competitive pricing. To get a live demo of PandaScore’s odds product go to [] and get in touch!

About PandaScore:
PandaScore offers the first AI-powered in-play odds feed for esports through a simple integration for bookmakers. PandaScore’s mission is to help bookmakers reach the full potential of esports betting the right way. After years providing data, the recent launch of their odds product is already seeing great initial traction and the company is already expanding their coverage globally. To get a demo visit and get in touch.

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