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A Florida casino-owning Indian tribe is involved in a complex lawsuit against an insurance company after being swindled out of $5.3m over a four-year period by employees.

The Miccosukee Casino & Resort is close to Miami and four of its employees – three wives and a girlfriend – are in the frame for the theft that was actually uncovered originally seven years ago.

Now it has reached the pitch where the tribe is chasing its insurance company for recovery of the money, reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The main participants in the crime were convicted. The culprits included technicians who created ‘ghost credits’ on video slots that were changed for cash.

The money totalled over $5.3m that was spent on houses, cars, investment properties and pre-paid college plans for children.

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In August 2019 the tribe claimed the money from the Great American Insurance Co. Now, the insurance company is insisting that the claim was not made within the notice period, although the tribe has asserted that it was told by the FBI not to discuss the case with anyone until indictments were unsealed in 2019.

The lawsuit has now started and the insurance company has yet to file a response.

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