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First Advantage Corporation, a provider of employment background screening and verification solutions, shared details of its latest innovations at the company’s Collaborate 2023 user conference this week in Las Vegas.

Recognising the need for companies to deliver a positive experience for applicants throughout the screen-to-hire process, First Advantage has launched a trio of curated product bundles powered by its next-generation Profile Advantage solution.

Designed to align with industry best practices and vertical expertise, the bundles offer options for background screening, identity verification, drug screening, tax credit services and more. These solutions are delivered within Profile Advantage to provide a seamless applicant experience.

For those looking for greater flexibility, companies can also build custom bundles by mixing and matching the services that fit their needs. Currently, Profile Advantage is utilised by thousands of First Advantage customers looking to deliver an engaging experience to their applicants.

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Now, Profile Advantage builds upon this foundation with a more streamlined interface and enhanced features. With predictive technologies and powerful pre-fill capabilities to ease the collection of necessary information, it enables employers to prioritise the applicant journey. Employer branding options bring consistency across hiring touchpoints and keep applicants engaged from beginning to end.

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