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Popup Dungeon by USA-based family operated indie game studio Triple-B-Titles has won the weekly voting on Game Development World Championship Fan Favourite category for the Medieval Games Week. Popup Dungeon is available on Steam.

“A papercraft roguelike RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, hero, and game imaginable. Popup Dungeon blurs the line between customization and creation.” Triple-B-Titles describes Popup Dungeon.

Triple-B-Titles moves onto the final round in the Fan Favourite category of the GDWC – Game Development World Championship. They fill face the other weekly vote winners in an open ote at the end of the GDWC 2020 season.

2nd place went to Elemental Dungeon, a “- – pixel-art roguelike ARPG where you combine 6 elements to over 200 spells. – – descend into randomized dungeons with over 170 unique monsters and use the environment to your advantage”, developed by Combo Travellers, China.

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3rd place was taken by Gordian Quest, “an epic roguelike / lite adventure that combines the best elements of deckbuilding, tactical combat and strategic decision-making.” by Mixed Realms, Singapore.

The GDWC team congratulates the winning team and sends huge thanks to all Nominees and voters. The weekly votes take place each week, from Monday to Saturday and there are always six new exciting games to check out and vote for. This week’s vote is already live on the event website at thegdwc.com.

This week’s Nominees take us to to an Adventure!
Dr Livingstone, I Presume? by Vulpesoft, Poland
Highly Likely by Mikola Games
Joyfess Ep1: Martin’s Secret Recipe by Sand Wagon Games, Jordan
Monorail Stories by Stelex Software, Switzerland
One Dreamer by One Dreamer, Australia
The Innsmouth Case by RobotPumpkin Games, Germany

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