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YAHAHA, a free to use, UGC social entertainment platform that makes creating games as easy as drag and drop, has reached the landmark of one million assets on its platform. With over a million assets available now, YAHAHA hosts a variety of engaging, unique materials for users to interact with, making it much easier for anyone to create 3D content. Available for free to both creators and players, YAHAHA offers its hundreds of thousands of users the freedom to build their own unique games and environments for others to enjoy. Not only that, but users can develop their creations more quickly and efficiently, while having fun exploring YAHAHA.

With YAHAHA, anyone with a creative mindset has access to a plethora of options to help create their own games and virtual spaces, with easy-to-use tools to create multiplayer 3D content. Compared to other platforms, the YAHAHA marketplace provides users with over a million 3D models, as well as audio animation and game components. Its unlimited range of assets supports users at all levels to build their own signature style. With an endless supply of options to choose from, there has never been a better time to try creating a game or social experience. The one million high quality assets combined with YAHAHA’s AI-based search engine means that creators can now make games and environments quickly, without compromising on quality of assets.


Yahaha Studios was founded in 2020 by a pioneering group of Unity veterans, with the aim to support everyone to create, publish, share and play content on its YAHAHA platform. The social entertainment platform supports users of all levels to create 3D content: lowering barriers to entry with no-code creation, tutorials and now over a million assets. YAHAHA has grown since it launched in Early Alpha this year, and recently announced it had secured a $40M investment to further support creators. Thousands of games and social experiences are now available on YAHAHA to play for free, with creators adding more each day. This new range of innovative assets are available for anyone to use, compatible across platforms including iOS, Android and Desktop.

Pengfei Zhang, Co-Founder, COO at Yahaha Studios said: “We are so pleased to announce that YAHAHA has reached the incredible milestone of over one million assets on our platform. One of our goals is to continuously give our creators new materials to design and engage with, whilst lowering the barriers for 3D content creation.


“We love to see all of the amazing creations that are developed on YAHAHA, using our extensive range of assets. We have partnered with great renowned asset marketplaces this year, such as Synty Studios and CG Trader, and we are looking forward to some more partnership opportunities in 2023.”

David Mullich, Director of the critically acclaimed Heroes of Might and Magic III, said: “I find YAHAHA to be a great platform for quickly and easily transforming my designs into playable games. It is also a valuable tool for enabling game design students to create professional-looking prototypes without first becoming adept in programming language. Anyone who is interested in game development can leap into YAHAHA, I would definitely recommend you try it out!”

YAHAHA has partnered with multiple asset marketplaces to give its users a wider range of creative and diverse materials. The first marketplace, CG Trader, was announced earlier this year; with over 1.5 million models in its marketplace, CGTrader is truly pioneering and one hundred percent designer-friendly. YAHAHA has also partnered with Synty Studios, an innovative 3D asset publisher. This partnership introduced even more high-quality, game-ready assets, so YAHAHA users can develop more diverse and fun virtual spaces.

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YAHAHA is the next generation of entertainment and will be sponsoring and hosting the 2023 Global Game Jam, to give creators a chance to unleash their creativity on the platform.

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