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MGA Games has launched Buffalo Bingo which is compatible with all mobile devices.

Buffalo Bingo is having the Wild West theme. Players will feel like real cowboys and will be able to traverse the great plains, roam through unchartered territories and camp next to herds of buffalo, on a new and thrilling odyssey through the Wild West.

Buffalo Bingo is made up of 4 cards of 15 numbers each and has a 60 ball drum from which 30 are drawn. In addition, after all of the balls have been drawn, the player is able to acquire up to 14 extra balls.

Depending on the patterns that form on the cards, the players will begin to win prizes. There are up to 15 prize patterns, and whoever gets the big bingo can also win the Jackpot.

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Buffalo Bingo also includes 3 fantastic mini-games: Trails, a mini-game in which the bison must choose the best route to obtain a prize; Bison Stampede, a game where users discover between 4 and 12 new prizes along the way; and Buffalos, the classic shell game where users guess where the jackpot is.

Buffalo Bingo is available to Spanish operators from July 13 and will be released to the international market from July 27.

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