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Virtus.pro now has its own place for fans – VP.Bearloga game house. The game house previously known as Cyber Loft transforms into VP.Bearloga with visual design being completely changed to match Virtus.pro’s brand colors.

The VP.Bearloga’s lobby will feature live streams of Virtus.pro matches, and all the PC stations will be packed with HyperX devices. In addition to the club’s trophy stand, guests will have an opportunity to follow Virtus.pro’s legacy through many authentic jerseys from previous years with players’ autographs. Sergey Glamazda, Virtus.pro CEO: “In traditional sports, each club has its own home venue or even a bar where fans gather to watch and discuss the matches of their favorite team. We decided to combine these two formats and create our own place for VP fans where they can not only meet and watch live streams together but also get to know their favorite players, attend autograph sessions, special events, and club’s master classes.”

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Alexey Alexandrov, Head of the VP.Bearloga game house: “The idea of opening a Virtus.pro game house on the foundation of Cyber Loft has been in the air for a long time. It’s been a great journey as finally, the Bears got their own haven, and the rebranding has given a new life to our club. Now everyone coming to our club can feel what it’s like being a part of the big VP family and immerse themselves in the esports atmosphere even more.”

The epidemiological situation does not allow us to host any events at the moment. However, we will definitely hold a big event within the walls of VP.Bearloga in compliance with all security measures as soon as the situation stabilizes. Stay tuned and look for additional announcements.

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