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Casino operator Donaco International reported yesterday that easing travel restrictions by the Thai and Cambodian governments, high vaccination rates and declining infections will see losses subside.

But for the year ended June 30, the group’s revenue had tumbled from US$61.2m to $2.4m, showing a loss of $15.6m compared with a 2021 profit of $26.2m. The notes to the accounts show reserves of $41m, however.

Donaco, based in Australia, operates the star Vegas Resort and Club in Poipet, Cambodia, on the border with Thailand, with 150 gaming tables, 1,000 slots and 385 hotel rooms.

It also operates the Aristo International Hotel (pictured), a boutique casino in northern Vietnam on the border with Yunnan province, China. It has 400 rooms, multiple gaming tables and up to 300 electronic gaming machines.

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