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26.06.2020, 17:40

Even though slots have become very popular among online players, not everybody understands all those symbols that show up on the reels. However, these lucrative special elements have an important purpose. These symbols, or rather the combinations of them, reward you with money.

Take a closer look at what they mean and how you benefit from them as a player.

What Is a Wild Symbol?

Wilds are probably one of the most known symbols in the game and some of the most helpful. They come out on the reel at random times and essentially replace other themed symbols. As a result, they help to form a winning line and bring the player the desired payout. 

Why do developers include wild symbols in their slots? The answer is quite simple: the game would be duller if developers didn’t add them. They hold a lot of power within the gameplay and can completely turn the situation upside down. The fact that they appear out of nowhere only adds an extra layer of excitement.

Some details may vary depending on a given slot game, which we will talk about shortly. But, in general, the only exceptions are symbols, free spins or bonus features, which can’t be substituted by a wild symbol.

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Different Types of Wild Symbols

These days, the number of innovative symbols and extra features is hard to count. The specifics vary greatly from game to game, so you’ll have to do a bit of research on your own before playing.

Wilds are constantly getting improved and added, which is why we can only name a few types here:

  • Stacked wilds. Such symbols are featured in clusters of wilds on the same reel, which significantly improve your chance to win.
  • Shifting wilds. These substitute icons on the last reel and move along one space in any direction on the next re-spin. This continues until the wild falls off the reels on the other side.
  • Wandering wilds. These ones also hang around the reels for more than one spin. They are very similar to the shifting wilds, although they can pop up on any reel.
  • Expanding. This symbol lands on any reel position and will expand both downwards and upwards to cover the entire reel.
  • Sticky wilds. Those remain on the reel for subsequent spins.
  • Overlay wilds. These wilds land stacked in a certain shape and take over a different symbol (but not over another wild). 

What Is a Scatter Symbol? 

Scatters are another type of special symbols that bring fun perks to players. Essentially, they are keys to unlocking extra rounds and features within a slot game. They can open up opportunities for free spins, mini-games, or other bonuses. 

Similarly to wild symbols, scatters also pop up randomly, so there’s nothing a player can do to earn them. They are some of the highest-paying symbols in the game, which is why players look forward to seeing them appear on the screen. 

You’ll know what they are by a special graphic that is unique for the type of slots you’re playing. It’s unlikely that you miss it, but you can look up the paytable (the rules) to see exactly what to expect. Here, you will also learn the conditions to venture into the promised feature. Usually, you need a number of scatter symbols before you can launch the perk.  

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How Do Scatters Work?

We’ve mentioned that scatter symbols unlock several types of functions. For example, it can give you an opportunity to play an interactive bonus game, or it might award you with free spins. For simpler games that don’t offer bonus events, scatters can just pay out on a winning combination. 


It’s hard to describe all scatter features in detail because they are game-specific. But even though their functions play out differently, you can be sure that they will be a great addition to any slot game.


Before playing any game for the first time, it’s always advisable to take time and understand all the symbols it has to offer. Look through the selection of games we have here at Bob Casino, read through the basics, and then begin playing! Ultimately, it will add to your overall gaming experience.

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Difference Between Wild and Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

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