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Gamblers in the Australian state of Victoria will be limited to A$1,000 (€669) in cash every 24 hours at the Crown Casino under new legislation passed this week by the state’s parliament.

The Crown at Melbourne will have to set both time and losses limits on players by the end of 2023 under the new regulations that passed the upper house yesterday.

The state’s Casino Legislation Amendment Bill’s changes must be introduced by the venue no later than December of 2025, allowing for the development of technology that may not yet be available.

The limit on cash in each 24-hour period, however, will come in by the end of 2023 to assist in AML. Players who wish to go over their limit would have to use special cards issued by the venue.

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The changes came on the back of a Royal Commission into activities at the Crown Casino, flagship of Crown Resorts, that will lose its licence next year if it cannot prove that it has made fundamental changes to its operating procedures.

The commission said that it had engaged in “illegal, dishonest, unethical and exploitative” behaviour. The company is now in a two-year period during which it has to carry out radical reforms.

In the Victorian Parliament the Green Party said that the rules should be extended to all outlets in the state as the Crown only accounted for 10 per cent of the slot machines operating in Victoria.

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