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It was a good G2E for Crane Payment Innovations, the company reports.

Its latest technology for cash and cashless payment was on show, including the already successful SC Advance and Easitrax Connect platform, plus its cashless device Alio.

SC Advance is the primary product for the company in the gaming industry with around two million units in the field, illustrating the importance of having a good bill reader with a top first-time acceptance rate and low maintenance.

The integration of Easitrax Connect enables operators to manage their casino floor more efficiently, attaining real-time information on their SC Advance readers in operation. Better management of the drop and high levels of security are features of this unit that was only released seven months ago and which has already sold 12,400 units.

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The increasing demand for cashless payments has led to the development of Alio, the all-in-one solution, so that it can handle magnetic swipe, chip, contactless, mobile and NFC payments. 

CPI integrates cashless solutions with TITO kiosks and games. A third party mobile application can be paired to CPI technology to pay for play with a digital wallet. It is all part of CPI helping to define the future of cash and cashless payment systems.

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