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TCS John Huxley’s original Chipper Champ chip sorting machine was introduced over 40 years ago and transformed the game of roulette and now the Chipper Champ UV is about to do the same.

Gaming chips are an essential element of any live casino table game but due to the amount of handling they require there is a possibility for germs to easily spread. Providing players and dealers with suitable levels of protection is vital at this time to help combat the spread of the virus.

Through TCS John Huxley’s Care & Protect range of products, the company has been working to provide operators with the right tools to ensure suitable levels of safety are achieved, bringing peace of mind to everyone who works in or visits a casino.

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The introduction of the Chipper Champ UV with its in-built UV-C light technology, a proven sanitation tool, is a game changer. Available for both the Chipper Champ 2 and Chipper Champ Pro, chips can now be automatically sanitised at the same time as being sorted without any delay to the game.

This new addition, which can be retro fitted to existing chipping machines, allows one side of the chip to pass through the UV-C sanitiser unit while being sorted.

Accordingly, repeat cycles during a player’s game session will ensure both sides are exposed to the sanitising unit. This provides players with peace of mind that their chips are constantly being sanitised while in play.

With safety of paramount importance, the Chipper Champ UV incorporates an automatic protection feature that cuts power to the UV-C lamp should the door be opened during operation. This ensures an extra safeguard for casino staff and guarantees no harmful light can escape.

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