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The Australian licensed operator will integrate Oddin’s suite of innovative esports betting solutions.

Founded in 2017, Picklebet is one of the early pioneers in the regulated esports betting industry. The Australian licensed company, operates a next gen betting platform, with an esports-centric design catered to satisfy the demands of the millennial and gen z bettor. Currently live in Australia, the 5th largest online wagering market globally, they’ve partnered with Oddin to continuously improve the data, odds and coverage of their esports betting offering.

Oddin’s esports odds feed aims to improve Picklebet’s coverage, uptime, and the number of esports markets available, providing a more entertaining esports betting experience to engage their audience.

‘’Esports is the core of our business, as a next gen betting platform. We want to offer our customers the greatest depth and breadth of esports content to wager on, providing a best in class esports betting experience. Oddin’s product suite positions us to meet the consistent demands of our customers for more quality esports content. With ambitious plans for continued growth, we are excited to partner with Oddin; integrating their existing solutions, and working together on innovation within the section.’’ said Nick Heaney, CEO and Co-founder of Picklebet.

Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships of Oddin, stated: ‘’We’re very happy to partner with operators that share the same vision for truly engaging esports betting. Esportsbooks such as Picklebet know how to engage esports audiences, and they understand how important the overlap is between esports and next gen demographics are for the future of betting. We’re here to help them to increase their coverage, uptime and the number of markets they offer with our solution; increasing customer engagement and profitability for their esportsbook.’’

Esportsbooks are gaining relevance in the betting ecosystem. As a growing vertical, esports is especially appealing to younger audiences. However, these generations have different demands than traditional bettors. The industry needs companies, such as Picklebet and Oddin, that understand these differences, and are building innovative products together, to attract younger generations.

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