China Set to Continue their Fight against Online Gambling in 2020

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17.01.2020, 18:03

China plans to further increase its fight against illegal cross-border online gambling in 2020. Sun Lijun, the vice-minister of the Ministry of Public Security in China, has just issued a statement this Monday proclaiming the success of their fight against unauthorized online gambling in 2019. In 2019, China’s law enforcement had over 7,000 criminal cases against online gambling. A total of over 25,000 individuals were arrested and approximately $2.6 billion has been seized or frozen.

Various government institutions and departments had a meeting regarding the ‘Gambling Prohibition Publicity Month’, China’s programs that aims to remind every China’s citizen that gambling is only allowed on state-run lotteries and all other types are prohibited.


Deepening Cross-border Online Betting Hunt

The vice-minister, Sun Lijun, said that China looks to “deepen cross-border online gambling prevention and control work.” So far, China’s efforts have been providing excellent results but Lijun finds that the problem “has not been fundamentally changed” since the “gambling fund settlement methods are constantly being renovated.”

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Lijun’s desire is for China’s law enforcement to “target key gambling countries and international gambling groups in the surrounding areas.” However, officials from China have told the Philippines that they won’t hamper with their online regulated gambling market. Additionally, China’s struggles to fight gambling in 2019 were boosted a lot when Beijing managed to convince Cambodia to shut-down its regulated online betting sector starting from January 1st, 2020. So far, officials are reporting a 100% compliance rate from the Cambodian casinos that offered online betting. Their customers were mainly Chinese.

The year 2020 will host the 2020 Euro Football tournament and Chinese law enforcement will have their hand full with unauthorized online gambling activities since both the FIFA World Cup and the Euro Championship always cause betting spikes.

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China Set to Continue their Fight against Online Gambling in 2020

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