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Casino Digital Signs, the maker of the popular Lucky Wheel promotional game, has launched its newest product in the Lucky Wheel portfolio.

The new Mini Lucky Wheel offers a multi-gaming experience within one machine, keeping players entertained for longer. Due to its size it is perfect for casinos and gaming arcades of all sizes, occupying little valuable floor space. It has been designed with customer feedback and needs in mind, offering full gaming and visual customisation.

“With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we know the importance of the visual appearance and the attention to detail to ensure a true standout among your competitors,” says the company. “This is why we made our new Mini Lucky Wheel so different, so shiny and flashy – in a class of its own.”

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The system includes a round outer screen and two flat screens, enabling a rewarding gaming experience. “A smart and future-proof design enables us to implement all existing and upcoming games on the market such as roulette, money wheel, slot games and more.

“If a customer gets bored with one game, they can simply play another one without leaving their favourite spot. This also comes very handy in the currently reality of Covid-19 and social distancing. Players can enjoy the same experience, thrill and excitement while staying safe and away from crowds.”

The new system is also compatible with the standard Lucky Wheel device, creating various playing combinations and options.

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