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Just like other types of public entertainment, casinos were locked during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. Now they are opening, yet, to prevent the spreading of infection, their owners are required to take certain precautions. So how do they care about their guests’ health and what exactly do they do to make the situation less dangerous? Popular casino streamer Brian Christopher (BCSlots) has visited 21 casinos in 9 states and shares his experience.

Rules followed by the best casinos

After attending a total 21 casinos, Brian Christopher found out that casinos could be fit into three categories. Some overused safety measures. Others were too careless. However, there’s also a third type of casinos: those that did exactly what they were required to do. 

Such places:

  • Became smoke-free and moved the space for smoking outdoors.
  • Only switched on every second gambling machine.
  • Started checking the temperature of their patrons.
  • Socially distanced tables.

These casinos took extra precautions, such as providing visitors clean pens for signing receipts and moping up the counters between each client. What’s more, they started checking guests’ temperature from their cars before they entered the property. 

The overzealous and the reckless

A few casinos went too far and stopped providing items for personal use. 

Yet, more companies didn’t put so much effort. They only removed some tables and didn’t require patrons to wear masks. Although COVID-19 cases are on the rise, most casinos have already stopped following the main requirements. Their owners say they let their guests decide if they want social distance or not. This is quite alarming.

At the end of the article, Christopher says casinos can be shut down again. Recently, the rise in cases has made the government of Illinois require closing the casinos there earlier. To continue working, casinos should follow safety measures and care of their guests’ health.

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Brian Christopher Describes How Casinos Work During the Pandemic

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