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The Bolivian gambling regulator has held workshops for content creators and those in marketing and advertising aimed at keeping promotional material legal and fair.

Law 060 on Lottery and Gambling in the Latin American country, the Gambling Supervisory Authority (AJ) noted, states that any sales activity or user acquisition and retention campaigns for prizes, draws and games of chance must have authorisation from the regulator.

The AJ therefore recently brought together 233 content creators and entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochoabamba for in-person workshops, with virtual sessions also available, to ensure good practice continues to be upheld in promotional material.

As well as content creators for the gambling industry, the workshops attracted people from areas of work such as marketing, advertising, the food trade, clothing stores and real estate.

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Executive director of the AJ, Dr. Marco Antonio Sánchez Vaca, said: “We are pleased to directly connect with this segment of the population and address their concerns.

“Our goal is to support entrepreneurs so that their business promotions are transparent and in line with legality.”

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