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With betting shops making a global comeback after months of lockdown, BetConstruct has taken the opportunity to optimise its portsbook layout for a better retail experience.

The added Asian (TOUCH) mode is specifically tailored to simplify the use and administration of sportsbook for cashiers. The clear UI provides a hassle-free experience due to the added comfort in navigation and overall use.

The new mode also can be used for TOUCH displays – the virtual keyboard is added on Betslip and search fields.

The activation of Sportsbook Asian Mode presents the new user-friendly design. Sport types, regions, competitions, list of matches and top markets and other priority features are at the forefront of the software.

This highly engaging inclusion allows cashiers to use BetShop Client Sportsbook in a non-complex way and improve their further experience with BetConstruct’s software at the betting shops.

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