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Workers in the private gaming sector in the Basque country of northern Spain are complaining that their federal authorities are not giving them the same financial relief as other regions of the country.

The Euskal Jokeotako Langileen Koordinatzailea, or EJOLAKO, trade association has denounced the regional government for failing to give the ERTE relief to gaming sector workers and has demanded that their venues are reopened immediately.

More than 2,000 workers from 210 gambling halls in the region have set up the trade association to represent them in face of “attacks” from the Basque government. Their locations have been closed since December 7, but none of the workers have been able to obtain financial relief.

The association has pointed out that although the sector is being blamed as a carrier of the virus, this has not yet been satisfactorily proven.

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Its spokesperson, Txarli Ayala, said in a press release: “Ours is a decent job. We are not criminals. We work to offer a quality service to citizens who decide of their free will to access one of the many gaming halls open in the Basque country to enjoy part of their leisure time.

“The workers in the game rooms ensure compliance with current regulations, prevent minors from entering and comply with all anti-Covid measures.”

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