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The government of Spain’s Balaeric Islands in the Mediterranean has decided to limit the number of betting and gaming venues in the islands and ban their advertising.

The Majorca Daily Bulletin quotes vice-president Juan Pedro Yllanes as saying that the move was in response to public demand on the grounds that gambling advertising causes compulsive gambling.

The casinos, bingo hall, betting shops and arcades in the islands will all be affected by the amendments to the law.

The islands have the third highest number of gambling outlets in Spain, with one per million inhabitants. The most recent statistics, in 2019, show that there were 154 gambling venues in the islands, up from 90 in 2014. However, 36 have closed since.

In the capital of Majorca, Palma, there is a regulation that imposes a 500m space between gambling venues, while it is 250m in the rest of the islands.

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