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German AWP manufacturer Bally Wulff has circulated video interviews with some of its customers about their experiences with the new Sun Fire Ultra machine that was introduced to the domestic market in June of this year.

The positive feedback experienced by the Berlin-based company has led it to try out a new form of communication, using its own customers’ experiences to promote its products.

The fire ring feature in the Prime Pyro and Prime Energy game packages in German arcades is given a positive review by operators. Lars Rogge, managing director of Bally Wulff, said: “In contrast to the products of other market protagonists, which interestingly enough closely resemble our innovation highlight in terms of game concept, Sun Fire Ultra is fully operational.

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“From the beginning our super feature has promised the gaming guest great entertainment, the operator a stable return ad on top of that meets all the criteria that a reliable guarantee of success under the new TR 5 version 2 regulations has to meet.

“With our video campaign we are once again underlining the close and personal bond that characterises the cooperation with our customers and lets authentic experience values work in order to reproduce the success of the game at first hand.”

The picture shows operator Andreas Wardemann of Jackpot GmbH, a Bally Wulff customer, with the Sun Fire Ultra.

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