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In Australia opposition leader Peter Dutton is challenging Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to support his call for a ban on gambling commercials an hour before and after sports matches.

Dutton said outgoing AFL chief Gillon McLachlan and NRL boss Andrew Abdo have a moral obligation to wean themselves off gambling revenue, adding it would be hypocritical to ignore the impact of sports betting on families while advancing social issues such as the Voice to parliament.

Dutton has rejected arguments from major codes who say millions of dollars of gambling advertising revenue couldn’t be replaced and would cripple grassroots sport.

Big gaming firms such as Sportsbet, bet365 and Betfair, through their lobby group Responsible Wagering Australia, attacked Dutton’s policy push, which was aired in his budget reply speech on Thursday night. They said the call for a ban “misses the mark” and was executed without consultation.

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