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The fall-out from the Crown Casino scandals in Australia has started with a cap on what players can bet on poker machines (slots).

The Royal Commission into the activities of the Crown Casino in Melbourne has led to the Victoria state government limiting spend on machines by compelling players to set a limit on what they are prepared to lose before they play.

Reports Sky News Australia, the players will be restricted to using A$1,000 in cash in 24 hours, which is €680. Determined to prevent money laundering, the authorities will require players to show their identification to receive winnings of more than A$1,000 instead of the previous $10,000.

The new regulation was introduced yesterday and are to prevent state residents from succumbing to overwhelming debts and to prevent the criminal activity that was uncovered at the casino by the Royal Commission.

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The Minister for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, Melissa Horne, said: “This legislation is the next step in our national-leading reforms to ensure the disgraceful conduct uncovered by the Royal Commission will never happen again in Melbourne.

“Some of the strongest protections in the world will now be in place at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.”

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