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Andrew Ludlow has taken 100 per cent of the equity in software solutions provider NRM, it was announced yesterday.

Ludlow held 50 per cent of the company in partnership with founder Paul Whitbread, who is to retire from the industry and who has sold his half of the company to Ludlow. NRM is a major developer and supplier of software solutions to the adult gaming centres, betting, bingo, pub and holiday park sectors in the UK.

Whitbread said in a press release: “After being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 rather than sell NRM I invited Andrew to join me as an equity partner. Eighteen months ago my health deteriorated and I decided to take an exit from the business which has been delayed by the Covid crisis.

“Nevertheless, the last year has been spent putting into place a new dynamic structure which Andrew is leading and which has enabled me to step away.”

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Ludlow commented: “Throughout my journey with NRM since being invited to join as managing director in 2012, Paul’s support has been unwavering and we remain great friends. To echo Paul’s comments, we have been planning the transition in meticulous detail.

“The structure that’s in place and the R&D work that’s been going on throughout the last 12 months provides us with a great opportunity to hit the ground running, to continue to support our customers with a combination of best in breed technologies and the ‘whatever it takes’ attitude of the NRM team which has helped to get us through some of the dark and challenging days that everyone has experienced over the last year.”

The picture shows Paul Whitbread (left) with Andrew Ludlow.

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