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The state-owned gambling operator in Finland, Veikkaus, has launched a new casino in Tampere with the aid of Austria-based gaming machine supplier Amatic Industries.

Amatic offers a wide range of classic and electronic table games and slot machines, including its CX30 and Performer Grand Arc.

The PGAs are equipped with two wide-screen monitors and stand out in the new, stylish casino with their dynamic design and high-quality manufacturing.

The latest updates of the slant-tops have been fitted with TITO and a note reader as well as player tracking. Equipped with the AMATIC Multi Game configuration, they are on the way to becoming a real winning combination for both players and Veikkaus.

The CX30 impresses with its consistent lines and is a true “eye-catcher” at Tampere. As an upright device and due to the height of the housing, it ensures ergonomic play with exciting games.

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“Both the CX30 and PGA cabinets fit really well in our new casino in their design,” ssid Matti Lethonen from Veikkaus. “Most importantly, as the saying goes, content is king.

“I am really excited about the wide range of games Amatic can offer. I’m sure there are going to be many customer-favourites in the Multi Games we have from Amatic.

“Moreover I would like to say thank you to the Amatic personnel for the help we have received with the cabinets and games. We hope we’re going to have a fruitful collaboration in the future.”

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