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Leading gametech and gaming marketing company Livewire has announced a new partnership with global esports, gaming, and entertainment media company GAMURS across EMEA and APAC.

Livewires, founders, Brad Manuel and Indy Khabra, launched the business early this year and are planning further expansion into the APAC region.

The new partnership enables Livewire clients to leverage the GAMURS Group’s audience of over 100 million fans across its portfolio of websites and social media platforms, which attract more than 80 million consumers per month.

GAMURS, founder and CEO, Riad Chikhani, said the company is excited to launch the partnership with Livewire after a successful growth over the past 18 months, which saw GAMURS’ audience grow to nearly 40 million readers.

“Growth remains our highest priority in the GAMURS Group as we continue to expand into new verticals and expand our reach,” Chikhani said.

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“The growth offered through our partnerships with Livewire is exciting as we look to work with more brands to help them reach such a dedicated audience.”

Khabra added: “Gaming and esports is a priority on the marketer’s agenda as brands progress to find new ways to add value to the next generation of consumers.”

“The GAMURS Group has quickly become one of the largest online esports and gaming destinations, connecting millions of users every day,” Khabra said.

“By partnering with GAMURS Group, we continue to execute on our gametech vision.

“Global esports viewership is expected to grow at a 9% CAGR, hitting 646 million viewers in 2023.

“The Partnership gives marketers the ability to easily target esports enthusiasts programmatically while providing our clients gametech solutions that deliver effective marketing outcomes.”

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