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Arden Cho Hustler Casino Live

Arden Cho had a cash game session made for nightmares on Hustler Casino Live where she was stacked several times — in a row — and ended the night down nearly six figures.

The Teen Wolf star was having a good night in the Friday game and up $32,600 before things took a quick and disastrous turn about four hours into the stream. In a span of five hands, Cho was felted four times and ended the stream down $96,575, the biggest loser of the night.

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Stacked Four Times in Five Hands

Hand #1: With blinds of $50/$100 with a $100 ante and the stand-up game running, Cho opened to $2,600 with 86 and called a three-bet from Mariano to $8,000 with J10. Cho checked on the flop of J72 and Mariano bet $5,400 with his top pair. Cho check-raised to $14,300 with just a few backdoor draws and Mariano called with his top pair.

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Cho then moved all in for $37,500 on the 10 turn and Mariano quickly called after hitting top two pair. Cho couldn’t improve on two runouts and Mariano scooped the $121,050 pot.

Hand #2: The next hand, Cho three-bet to $2,100 in the big blind with Q10 and was called by Mike X in the small blind with KJ. Mike X check-called a bet of $2,000 on the flop of 5AJ and the 7 turn checked through.

Mike X bet $5,500 on J river after hitting trips and snap-called as Cho moved all in for $15,800.

“Oops, you win,” Cho said as she showed queen-high. “Damn this stand-up game!”

Arden Cho on Hustler Casino Live
Arden Cho on Hustler Casino Live

Hand #3: Putting another $20,000 on the table, Cho wasted no time three-betting to $2,500 with 54 and received a round of calls from four players.

Cho took some time thinking with top pair on the flop of 533 before moving all in for $17,500. Unfortunately, her hand was crushed by the trips of Tan with A3. Once again, Cho failed to improve on two runouts and lost another $20,000.

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Hand #4: As she put $10,000 on the table, Cho adjusted herself and took off her jacket, but she couldn’t shake the downswing. The next hand, she folded 75 on a flop of 6J3 before a 4 turn that would have given her the nuts.

“The one hand she folds she would’ve won!” proclaimed commentator Christian Soto.

Hand #5: The brutality wasn’t over. The next hand, Cho was once again all in as she called off a four-bet from Steve holding A9 to lose out to her opponent’s 1010. For the fourth time in five hands, Cho had been stacked.

“Alright, well, that was less fun than I thought it would be.”

On a positive note, the stream ended with Cho stacking Dylan in a $29,300 pot after he bluff check-raised into Cho’s aces up.

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“Sorry we both our got our “f***ing asses kicked,” Cho said. “It was rough. I feel your pain.”

Cho Staying Positive

While Friday night wasn’t her finest showing, Cho has had her share of poker success. In January, she finished runner-up in the PokerGo Tour (PGT) Championship in Las Vegas for $200,000.

The stream happened to coincide with the premiere of Episode 1 of The Big Game on Tour, which featured Cho losing $50,000.

Watch the full six-and-a-half-hour stream on YouTube.

Arden Cho Talks Poker, Runner-Up Finish at PGT

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