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The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released a new report into the country’s gambling advertising.

Titled Gambling Advertising in Australia: Placement and Spending, the report found that over a million gambling ads aired on free-to-air TV (metro and regional) and metro radio, with 50 per cent (502,800 spots) from gambling providers offering online gambling services (online gambling providers).

In addition, 51 per cent (256,200 spots) of the total gambling ads on metro free-to-air TV were ads by online gambling providers. 58 per cent (196,400 spots) of the total gambling ads on regional free-to-air TV were by online gambling providers.

Compared with all gambling advertisers, online gambling providers spent the most on free-to-air TV, metro radio and online (including social media) advertising by far, with 64 per cent of the total.

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The ACMA said the research may be useful to inform broader government consideration of potential gambling reforms, as well as industry considerations to revise its codes of practice.

Earlier this month, it was reported that nearly 99 per cent of inspected pubs and clubs in New South Wales were complying with the state’s new signage laws which came into effect on September 1, 2023.

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